You’re great, but stop being you!

You’re great, but stop being you!

When it comes to writing content for your website or advertising channels, it is important to focus on the customer, not on yourself (no matter how amazing you are!).

Free photo libraries

We love sites like iStock and Shutterstock for digital images and music, but sometimes you just need something simple, that’s free. Here’s our round up of our favourite free image libraries:

Totally inappropriate goodies for the workplace

Feeling a bit over your workplace? If you aren’t ready to go out and set up your own business (which is what we suggest you do!!) then you might like to vent your frustrations out with some goodies form the team at The Inappropriate Gift Co. The team have...

Turn Excel spreadsheets into Apps!

If you want to make a simple app or form to help manage your business processes, check out This app works by using an Excel spreadsheet as the basis of your app, so you can edit it to suit. It’s best suited to Contact Registries (think...

It’s time to demand what you are worth

If you’re not sure that you are asking enough money for your work, you need to watch this TED Talk. Whether or not you are working for a company, or working for yourself, this talk by Pricing Consultant Casey Brown shares helpful stories and learnings that can...