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If you are struggling to engage potential customers via your website, consider reviewing your site content. While the design of your site will have a big impact on engagement, another major aspect (which often overlooked) is the ‘story’ outlined on the site through words and imagery. This story will either resonate or repel potential customers – so it is important to get it right.

Think of it this way – you are at a party and someone starts talking to you about what they do and how great they are at it. Boring, right? We are exposed to this in all aspects of our lives so we usually tune it out. Now, what if someone comes up to you and asks how you are; what has brought you to the party; and whether you are enjoying it. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy talking to this person more, and you are quite likely to remember them in the future.

This customer-centric approach to copywriting applies to almost all businesses, no matter what you sell. After all, business is all about building relationships first.

Here are some tips on creating content for your site to better engage your potential customers:

1. Make sure you know your audience
By understanding your audience (and audience sub-sets) you can more effectively talk to them. Know their pain-points, what their interests are, and what they are looking for. Do they know you exist? Do they know and understand your product or service?

2. Talk the talk
Make sure you understand your potential client’s language. For example, if you say you sell ‘garden glamification’ but your clients are looking for ‘landscapers’, they are likely to move on to the next vendor who is offering landscaping services.

3. Stop talking about yourself!
Unless you are writing the content for your Biography, you’ll need to start focusing on your readers. Frame the content from their point of view. Instead of saying ‘We have been selling wedding dresses for over 10 years’, you could frame the statement as ‘Looking for your dream wedding dress? View the selection’.

4. Consider engaging a copywriter or experienced marketing professional to review the content of your site/marketing materials
Often as business owners we are simply too close to the subject to be objective, which is what results in writing about yourself in the first place! Save yourself time and effort by getting a professional to help – the results will be worth it.